Pictures taken with a CCD camera

Nowadays CCD cameras are available to amateur astronomers. You can obtain pictures in a really short time even under urban skies. But there is a great disadvantage: most of the CCD chips are really small, about. 6 x 8 mm. But you don't have to use chemistry and there is no loss in sensitivity during long exposures.

Most of the pictures were obtained using the equipment shown above, a 8" Meade LX200 equipped with a SBIG ST-6. The nominal focal length is 2000 mm working at f/10. A focal reducer can be used to reduce the focal length to about 1300 mm working at f/6.3.
Another instrument used is the 60 cm Cassegrain at the observatory Hamburg-Bergedorf. Using a reducer helps to work at a focal length of about 4000 mm instead of the normal 9000 mm. An Apogee AP7p can be used at this telescope.
All LRGB pictures were taken using the 500/2500mm Newton of the observatory Kirchheim. Here I used a SBIG ST-8.

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Picture gallery

M27 mit 8"
M27 (RGB)
M27 (60 cm Cassegrain)
M57 (LRGB)
NGC 281
NGC 891 (LRGB)
NGC 4485
NGC 4656
NGC 5394
NGC 6781
NGC 6781 (LRGB)
NGC 6934
NGC 7006

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