Dear visitor. You are really curious, but that's ok. You want to know who constructed this site and so I want to introduce myself.

The title of my homepage shows the way. I am interested very much in astronomy. But, how happened this? My parents are responsible for it. In my childhood I got a book about astronomy from them, a book with lots of beautiful pictures in it. So all began and I tried to get all information I could get about astronomy. The Planetarium was my second home that time... Today astronomy consumes a lot of my leisure time.

I am working as a computer consultant and could change another hobby into profession. Astronomy and the computer is a good combination and I am happy to live in the age of the internet. In cooperation with two other members of my astronomy club called GvA Hamburg I release our club magazine Sternkieker. Some years ago we switched the layout completely over to desktop publising. This job homes a lot of stress but is thrilling too. Additional I wrote some computer programs for CCD astronomy purposes. You can download them here. This Software can be used for image processing and CCD camera control purposes.